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Parents and students can track their school bus in real time as soon as the driver begins their route. You will receive a notification that the bus is on the way and depending on the distance of the bus and your bus stop that’s how much time until it arrives. Similar to ridesharing apps the map on your screen will shrink as the bus approaches your location and you will be notified when it’s about 5 minutes or less away from your bus stop. Parents and students can still track their bus once they get on and are on the way to their school. Parents will receive a notification stating that their child arrived at school. At the end of the school day parents can track the bus when it’s on the way to drop off the children. Parents and students won’t have to wait outside for the bus wasting countless amount of time.

Parents and students will receive notifications when the bus is on the way at the bus stop.Parents will be notified when the school bus has dropped off the students at their school.  If there is a delay or accident on the bus parents will be updated. If there is a change in bus driver parents will receive a notification on the new time the bus will arrive. Lastly, parents will be notified when the bus is on their way back from school. Parents will be able to plan out their mornings and afternoons better knowing what time they need to be outside to drop off or pick up their children.



Our messaging feature allows parents and students to keep close contact with each other. Bus companies and school administrators can call or message bus drivers for emergency purposes. Our admin portal will make it easier for bus companies and administrators to have the list of drivers and routes altogether in one place. Now the bus company owners, administrators and bus drivers can have close communication with each other when needed.

School Bus Solutions

Having access to track a school bus in real time from your smartphone gives parents, students, transportation directors, administrators, drivers and bus company owners a piece of mind. That’s why LUK Inc provides a new app that allows every party to know where the school bus is with the updated mapping system from google maps.


Our solution connects those who should have access to the buses’location while helping school districts advance their daily operations and increasing parent satisfaction.

Bus Routing

LUK BUS offers a user-friendly software that will keep you up to date with the bus routes and location. Parents and students can track their bus routes and also receive notifications on their bus.

Parent Involvement

Today parents want to know everything about their child’s location more than ever. Our new app offers communication with the bus driver and their children through our messaging feature. Parents will know what time the bus will arrive at their pick up location, when they get dropped off at school and when they will arrive back home. Our goal is to give parents that piece of mind while letting them focus on their daily routines.

GEO Location and Tracking

No need to install expensive hardware into the bus, what we do different is we offer bus drivers the option to download our app and register an account as a bus driver on their smartphone. Once completed they can enter their routes into the app and share their unique codes with the parents and students who ride on their bus.

Student Accounts

One thing we want to clarify is if you are a student who is 13 or younger you must get consent from your legal guardianbefore registering an account. We don’t use the child’s location we only use the bus driver’s location through their smartphones only if they give us their consent. We understand as former students ourselves how much of a hassle it can be having to wait outside in terrible weather for the bus. Sometimes you don’t even know if it has been delayed or it already passed by. Not anymore, we believe our new app will solve those issues that students face in the mornings when getting ready to go to school.