FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes you could track multiple routes that your children take whether its regular school hours or after school activities.

The bus driver would have the app installed on their smartphone and by using the phones GEO-location you could track the bus in real time.

You can track your child’s school bus three times a day. Once in the morning when they are getting picked up and when they get on the bus and are heading to school. A third time when the bus is on the way back to drop them off.

Yes, if a new driver is assigned to your route then you would be able to track that new bus.Its about which driver is assigned to which route and that will be the bus that will pick up the students.

You will receive a notification stating that the bus will be a few minutes late and as soon as there’s a bus on the way to pick up your child you can track them in real time. If there is an accident, we would notify the parents and bus companies that there was an accident on the bus.

Parents need to create an account for their children to have access to their bus’s location. Parents would create a username and password for their kids to sign into their own account.

No, there is no limit, but you could only track the buses that your children get onto. For example, if you have multiple children that all take different buses you could track their bus routes at the same time by clicking on the route they are assigned to.

Yes, you would receive a notification when the bus driver has logged onto the app and is about to begin their route. You would also receive a notification that the bus is 5 minutes away as it approaches your pick up location.