About Us

At LUK Inc, our mission is to provide anaccurate and affordable school bus location service with our new app LÜK BUS, which will be accessible to school districts across the country, and bring a piece of mind to parents, administrators, and students alike.

LUK Inc was founded in 2019 in New Brunswick, New Jersey where the company is currently headquartered. Our goal is toestablish close relationships with schools across the U.S. to make sure the parents as well as the students don’t have to worry about where the bus is or when it will arrive. We understand how frustrating it must be as a parent or student having to wait outside for the bus for a long period of time without an idea of where it is. We believe the LÜK BUS app will help our users manage their time better and help cut down on the calls that schools receive.

At LUK Inc we value our customers and want all of our users to have a great experience with our services. What drives our business is customersatisfaction, and whenever you’re in doubt of where your child’s bus is, LUK IT UP.